Saturday, 31 July 2010

Signing the Pledge!

The Fairtrade Hay group are going round at the moment collecting pledges from local businesses, to say that they are either selling Fairtrade goods, or using Fairtrade goods themselves (such as FT tea and coffee at teabreaks). These will be used to produce a new Fairtrade Directory for the town.
While I was going round, I discovered that herbfarmacy support a group in South India called Kerala Crafts. They make rather lovely shopping bags out of banana leaves with natural dyes. See for more details.


  1. Hi Hay...I've been there !! long time ago, but know you have terrific quality of teashops..if anyone wants to try some Fairtrade millioanire's shortbread, fruit cake, brownie, muffins check us out at . The perfect accompaniment to a FT coffee/tea !!
    Good Luck from Ireland's 2nd Fairtrade Town - Kinsale

  2. Mmm - Fairtrade Irish cakes! Yum.