Monday, 3 December 2012

How the Christmas Fair Went

Normally, I'd be able to write a first hand report, complete with pictures, but I had a migraine on the morning of the fair, so couldn't do anything. Our nice shiny new display board stayed in my front room, but there was a Fairtrade table with mulled apple juice and cakes and leaflets - and all the apple juice was sold. Barbara and Reg set everything up, after James had delivered the table and all the rest of the equipment, and Barbara manned the stall until Julia took over in the afternoon. Jan organised the apple juice, cakes were made by Jo and Lesley and several other people. And of course, Chris organised all the stalls with all the wonderful Fairtrade goods. We couldn't manage without him! Jump4Timbuktu were there, of course, and so were Tools For Self Reliance, and a lot of the favourites from previous years, as well as new faces.