Saturday, 19 August 2017

Community Fair

Fairtrade Hay is one of seven local groups squeezed into the Buttermarket today. In fact, they're a sort of 3-in-1 group, with silver jewellery from Timbuktu on one end, manned by Chris Armstrong, Fairtrade information in the middle, looked after by Jo Eliot, and Palestinian goods on the far end from Zaytoun.

I stocked up on their excellent olive oil. The lady there also had quite a bit of traditional Palestinian cross stitch work on display, made into pouches, cushion covers and so on. They seem quite expensive at first glance, until you appreciate how much work and time has gone into making them - and they last for years! I have a very hard wearing purse I bought from the same lady some years ago at one of the Clifford Craft Fairs. They also have olive oil soap.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Buttermarket - Fairtrade Fair

The date of the next Fairtrade Fair is Saturday, 19th August, at the Buttermarket. Zaytoun will be there, and there will be jewellery and plants for sale. Fairtrade Hay will have an information stall, and Fairtrade members will be there to discuss the issues of Fairtrade and Brexit (yes, Brexit will have an impact on Fairtrade issues), and the recent decision by Sainsbury's to set up their own fairly traded label in competition with the Fairtrade logo. Or, of course, any other subjects members of the public want to talk about.

Meanwhile, Jo Eliot is planning to move to Portugal in the near future, which will leave the Fairtrade committee without a Chair and a Treasurer. So new members are being keenly sought! Jo has done huge amounts for the Fairtrade group, and will be sorely missed!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Watering Down the Fairtrade Label?

So Sainsbury's doesn't seem to like the Fairtrade label, and wants to set up its own scheme instead. The Fairtrade logo is well known now, and well understood, and this would only muddy the waters. It also seems to have problems in the making of decisions on community investments, an important part of the Fairtrade system. Under the Sainsbury's scheme it seems that the decisions on what the community premium is spent on will be made in London, rather than by the communities themselves. There is a petition at objecting to the Sainsbury's scheme.

Meanwhile, Fairtrade Hay will be in the Buttermarket in Hay at the community event on Saturday 19th August. The Fairtrade stall will have lots of information about Fairtrade, plus Zaytoun products from Palestine, including their wonderful olive oil.