Tuesday, 8 October 2013

News Update

A warm welcome to Victoria and Joanna, who were manning the Fairtrade stall along with Jo Eliot for the Timbuktu welcome party in the Castle.

The stall at the Castle raised about £140 for group funds, including about £20 from the sale of Egyptian goods from Zabaleen - who also made the new Fairtrade Hay banner!
About £70 was raised from the events at the Buttermarket in August, too.

Hay Together are going to be asked if they would like to display the banner at their offices in the Castle, and it would also be available for use at the church or the library. As Eighteen Rabbit is a shop selling exclusively Fairtrade goods, it might also be displayed there.

Jo has recently been to the Fairtrade supporters conference, and brings back the news that the theme of next year's Fairtrade Fortnight will be bananas.
Louise and Chris are going to the Abergavenny Fairtrade Fair, and will be asking stallholders there if they want to be involved in the Hay Christmas Fair.

There will be a Fashion Show at the Masonic Hall on 30th November, at 7.30pm, in aid of Oxfam, and Jo Eliot will be the compere.

Planning for the Christmas Fair is in full swing, and the date this year will be 7th December.
Louise of Eighteen Rabbit is also organising a Green Fair next year, and Fairtrade Hay could take part in that - this would be in April if they can get the funding together.