Saturday, 9 October 2010

500 Mile Bike Ride

The programme to welcome the cyclists in the 500 mile bike ride is coming together. We've booked the Council Chambers for wine and nibbles - and the ceremonial handing over of the parchment that's being used as a baton. It's being passed from cyclist to cyclist along the whole 500 mile route. A route which one rider is doing in it's entirity! Most people are only doing one leg of it.
We'll have local musicians singing the Fairtrade version of the Proclaimers' hit 500 Miles and Matilda de Breos, the Norman lady who built Hay Castle, will be there.
We can't compete with Chester, though - they're providing a Roman guard of honour - and Ammanford are having a circus skills workshop with unicycles!
The name of the 500th Fairtrade town is being kept secret till the end of the ride, when all will be revealed via video link-up with Cardiff.

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