Sunday, 30 September 2012

Community Fair

There's a new group in Hay called Hay Together, which is trying to act as an umbrella group - a way of getting the voices of ordinary Hay people heard when official decisions are being made by the County Council and so on. Yesterday they held a Community Fair at Hay Castle, and invited every group and organisation in Hay to attend to publicise what they do and to show what a variety of things are going on in Hay. Of course, Fairtrade Hay was represented there. I couldn't be there until the very end, but it seemed as if everyone had a good time - the atmosphere was laid back and relaxed, and the members of the Fairtrade group who manned the stall were very enthusiastic about it all. Apart from the Fairtrade stall, there were groups for the Cheesemarket restoration, and the local Lions Club, the Campaign for Realistic Parking, Rob Soldat the local storyteller, singers and musicians, Foxwhelp Morris, and lots more. There were a couple of local policemen there, too, and members of the Town Council - as well as our County Councillor, Gareth Ratcliffe, who was handing out leaflets for the local golf club when I saw him.

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