Friday, 16 November 2012

Eighteen Rabbits

The "Purveyor of Finest Junk" has moved out of the premises at Hay Castle, and the space has just been taken over by Hay's newest pop-up shop. Eighteen Rabbit sells Fairtrade gifts from all over the world. When I went up there earlier today I saw pottery and sparkly mirrors from Mexico, gourd lamps from Thailand, knitted hats and wrist warmers and scarves from Nepal, and all sorts of other interesting things, at quite reasonable prices. The shop is run by Louise Davies and Andrew Williams, who already run a sustainable event management agency called Seventeen Events, and it will be open until the end of December. They also trade online, at (and even their free bookmarks are printed on recycled paper). They are also on Twitter, which is probably the easiest way to find the website. When I went looking for it (it's still very new) I found it under So, why Eighteen Rabbit? When they were in Honduras, they came across monuments in honour of a Mayan king with that name, and he was associated with arts and creativity.

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  1. Have visited the shop, great Fairtrade gifts for discerning people.If you're in Hay check this out, it's near the casrle.