Saturday, 28 October 2017

Hay2Timbuktu Celebrates 10 Years of Twinning

Ten years ago, Hay was selected (the other finalists were York and Glastonbury) to become the UK twin of Timbuktu. The Mayor of Timbuktu and other dignitaries visited Hay, and several people from Hay went to Timbuktu.
The twinning is mainly focussed on health (with the Medics4Timbuktu) and education, particularly girls' education, but it's noteworthy for the Hay Fairtrade blog because one of the new trustees of Hay2Timbuktu is Louise Davies of Eighteen Rabbit, who also does a lot of work on the Fairtrade committee.
The report on the Hay2Timbuktu AGM can be found at the Life in Hay blog - and Fairtrade wine from the Co-op was served during the evening!

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