Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Planning for the Christmas Fair

....is well under way!

Fiona Howard, the current Mayor, will officially open the Fair, and George the Town Cryer will be in attendance.
The Hay, Brecon and Talgarth refugee group will be doing the refreshments this year.
Chris Armstrong will have some Christmas trees available again.
And of course there will be the usual mix of interesting stalls selling Fairtrade products.

The last meeting of the committee also discussed the fact that it is no longer possible to get a cup of Fairtrade coffee in Hay, despite the large number of cafes. Out of 14 cafes only one met the requirements to be listed as Fairtrade, by providing four different Fairtrade products. However, there are ten possible bed and breakfast establishments that can be listed.

In October, it's time to renew the Fairtrade Town accreditation, which went very smoothly two years ago, and hopefully will go smoothly again. Hay has now been a Fairtrade Town for eight years.

The next Fairtrade meeting will be at 6pm on Sunday 16th October at Tomatitos.

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